How to germinate dried mash

The known benefits of germinated from dried Masha. They germinate in just one day, and in addition to minerals, you still get the vitamins that are present in the sprouts. To obtain the healthy sprouts are used the beans are not older than 2 years. For this you will need a container with holes on the bottom (for moisture). The bottom is covered with a thin cloth, like gauze and put beans. Take another bowl, bigger, put a container of [...]

Green mung beans (Vigna radiata) – useful properties

Mash or mung beans (to eng. mung) is a flowering plant of the genus Vigna of the Legume family, bean culture originated from India in the form of small green beans. Masha belonging to the genus Vigna allows to call him “beans” (Phaseolus aiheita, Phaseolus radiata). Another name for Masha, common in Asian countries, mung beans. The beans are oval in shape, green color and small size. To the touch they are smooth, the shell has a glossy Shine. Masha [...]

Beans – useful properties

Beans (in English. beans) – a genus of plants of the Legume family, there are several subtypes, which may differ considerably from each other both externally and taste. From cultivated types first place is the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). The uniqueness of the beans that it is an almost universal product in the beans contain most of the essential body substances. First of all it has a lot of easily digestible proteins (their number is approaching the number of proteins [...]