Power of Ancient Civilizations in America …

The history of cultivating and consuming beans is rooted deep into ancient times of the American continent.

The power of ancient civilizations in America was based on three pillars – corn, pumpkin, and beans.

But kidney beans were revered the most, as the mouths of the mummies in the Peruvian mausoleums were filled with beans. For ancient Aztecs, citizens of Inca empire, and those who lived before the Inca, it was number one in the lunch menu. It was also used in ancient medicine and cosmetology.


Haricot is a high-protein crop. Its proteins are very similar to the protein in our blood in terms of composition. Kidney beans are like blood. Combination of vitamins and micronutrients make it the most useful product for aging body, when it is no longer capable of handling all of its functions.

Kidney beans have rejuvenating effect, reducing wrinkles, make skin healthier and more elastic, and making its structure lighter and smoother. It is best to make masks from the bean decoction for the greater cosmetic effect.


Currently increasing number of people are becoming followers of healthy lifestyle. The culture of nutrition is changing. Light vegetarian meals are coming as substitutes. By their nutritive qualities they are not different from meat and other animal-borne products.

This is fully relevant to haricot (kidney beans) and its unique features. It is a nearly universal product, as it contains most of the elements essential for the body. Its set of aminoacids, proteins and vitamins is nearly identical to content of the nutrients in meat, milk, eggs, and are easily absorbed into the body.

The most pleasant feature of the kidney beans is that its nutrients are well maintained in boiling and canning.