Beans – useful properties

Beans (in English. beans) – a genus of plants of the Legume family, there are several subtypes, which may differ considerably from each other both externally and taste. From cultivated types first place is the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).

The uniqueness of the beans that it is an almost universal product in the beans contain most of the essential body substances. First of all it has a lot of easily digestible proteins (their number is approaching the number of proteins contained, for example, meat). Part of beans contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamins of group B. additionally, it has vitamin PP – nicotinic acid. Vitamin PP is needed for protein metabolism in the body, strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular system, normalizes the intestinal mucosa, helps the digestive system, reduces blood pressure and positively affects the vision. However, the main purpose of this vitamin is the prevention of skin diseases, in particular of pellagra that causes the development of dermatitis. The presence of this vitamin has a great influence on the useful properties of the bean, making it the essential guest at every table.

In addition to vitamins in the composition of the beans is sulfur needed by the body at intestinal infections, illnesses of lungs and bronchi, skin infections, rheumatism and other joint diseases. The beans contain quite a lot of iron, which makes the beans are indispensable in a variety of infections, as iron increases the body’s resistance to diseases, promotes the flow of oxygen in the blood. In the beans also a lot of phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and all those substances, without which our body can not function properly. The combination of vitamins and minerals makes beans the most useful product for the aging body when he is no longer able to cope with all of its functions.

Composition of beans (in 100g of product):

Calories: 308.9 kcal

Protein: 22.3 g
Fats: 1.7 g
Carbohydrates: 54.5 g
Water: 14.0 g
Mono – and disaccharides: 4.5 g
Dietary fiber: 3.9 g
Starch: 43.4 g

Vitamin B1: 0.5 mg
Vitamin B2: 0.2 mg
Vitamin B3: 1.2 mg
Vitamin B5: 0.8 mg
Vitamin B6: 0.9 mg
Vitamin B9: 90.0 µg
Vitamin E: 3.8 mg
Vitamin PP: 2.1 mg
Trace elements and minerals:

Aluminium: 640.0 µg
Bor: 490.0 µg
Vanadium: 190.0 µg
Iron: 12.4 mg
Iodine: 12.1 µg
Potassium: 1100.0 mg
Calcium: 150.0 mg
Cobalt: 18.7 mcg
Silicon: 92.0 mg
Magnesium: 103.0 mg
Manganese: 1340.0 mcg
Copper: 480.0 mcg
Molybdenum: 39.4 µg
Sodium: 40.0 mg
Nickel: 173.2 µg
Selenium: 24.9 µg
Sulphur: 159.0 mg
Titan: 150.0 mcg
Phosphorus: 541.0 mg
Fluoride: 44.0 µg
Chlorine: 58.0 mg
Chrome: 10.0 micrograms
Zinc: 3210.0 mcg
The beneficial properties of the beans

The benefits of beans in its universality and its easy absorption of most substances included in the beans. Beans stimulates the processes of digestion in the body, removes toxins, has diuretic and purgative properties. In addition, despite the fact that the digested beans itself in the body long enough, the inclusion of this product in the diet will help you more likely to get rid of unwanted pounds, due to the fact that beans will lead from the body all the extra. If you regularly eat beans, the secretion of gastric juice will improve, which will facilitate dissolution and removal of stones from the gallbladder, if any. Doctors also recommend eating beans with diabetes, as part of beans includes arginine, which helps to reduce blood sugar.

The benefits of beans in the fact that it has a positive effect on the heart. When violations of heart rhythm, and also hypertension and atherosclerosis be impossible without the use of bean dishes. The ability to calm the nervous system also has a positive effect on the heart and overall health.

Useful properties of beans also extend to the urogenital system. Meals from beans prevent the formation of kidney stones, improve the condition of liver cells, as beans has high antibacterial action. In addition, beans improves sexual function in men.

Such a useful product, such as beans, cannot fail to affect our appearance. As mentioned above, the benefits of beans are especially important for our skin, but it’s not only in irritation and dermatitis. Beans has a rejuvenating effect, reduces wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic and healthy, the complexion and skin structure are aligned. To achieve high cosmetic effect, it is best to make masks on the basis of the broth from the beans.

The most pleasant feature of beans is that when cooking and conservation of nutrients contained in the beans, virtually destroyed. So that you can safely eat tinned beans from a can, if you yourself once to soak or boil them.

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