How to germinate dried mash

The known benefits of germinated from dried Masha. They germinate in just one day, and in addition to minerals, you still get the vitamins that are present in the sprouts.

To obtain the healthy sprouts are used the beans are not older than 2 years. For this you will need a container with holes on the bottom (for moisture). The bottom is covered with a thin cloth, like gauze and put beans. Take another bowl, bigger, put a container of dry waving. Then pour water to a level that will cover them. Leave in a warm place. After 4 hours drain the water and add fresh to the same level. The next day you will notice sprouts-sprouts. After 3 days they can to eat. Just before use, don’t forget to rinse. Sometimes that sprouted seeds have a bitter taste, it is easy to fix by rinsing them in boiling water.

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